December 6, 2020


9:00 a.m. ~ Worship



We Enter to Worship

Grace United Methodist Church

Salem, Illinois

December 6, 2020



PRELUDE            Prepare the Way, O Zion                  Inez Woodruff


AND ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                  Pastor Mike


Pastor:  The Lord be with you.

People:  And also with you

Pastor:  Let us give God thanks for the Advent wreath. 

People:  And ask God's blessing in this Advent season. 

Pastor:  Creator God, it is recorded that you said, "Let the earth bring forth vegetation, including trees of every kind."  And it was so.  The earth brought forth trees that were good for food and a delight to behold.  We are delighted today with the evergreen, reminding us of life that persists even through cold and adversity.  It is also recorded that you said, "Let there be light."  And it was so.  The first light was good:  beacon of beginnings and harbinger of hope.  And even in days so difficult that we can feel the gloom, we hope, because you have promised that people who sit in darkness will see a great light.  It is recorded that you said, "Let us make people in our own image."  And it was so.  Human beings have multiplied across the face of the earth.  And we sometimes reflect your image, and sometimes not.  So we await the day when we shall all be renewed in your image.  God, be among us.  Let this Advent wreath delight and inspire us. Be among us and let the light of these candles quicken hope within us.  Be among us and let us be renewed in your image day by day during this Advent season.


People:  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Leader:  Christians around the world begin this day to await the advent of Christ.  We join with a joyous and hopeful throng in lighting the Advent candles, symbols of our faith and signs of God's love.

People:  We gather as a people of Hope.

Leader:  Christian people around the world stand today in breathless anticipation of a miracle that has been repeated for hundreds of years, yet that astounds us anew each year. 

People:  Our hope springs anew, from an ancient vision. 

Leader:  As we light the first Advent candle, let it stand for hope based not on  wishful thinking, but on deep conviction.  We believe, we have seen, we have received the Promise and the Great Gift, and therefore, in the midst of darkness and imperfection, we hope. 

People:  We gather expectantly, joyfully, and with deep commitment, for we have heard that a special Child is to come, that God is to be among us, and that soon we will see a new creation on earth.  We are a people of hope. 



HYMN OF PRAISE     It Came Upon the Midnight Clear   218(UM)

THE WORD OF GOD    Psalm 80:1-7


SERMON         "Hope"           Pastor Mike Smith




HYMN OF PRAISE   Silent Night, Holy Night    239(UM)


                            What A Glorious Night

                            Angels We Have Heard on High

                          O Come Let Us Adore Him


BENEDICTION                                     Pastor Mike

POSTLUDE                        Noel Suisse                                 Inez Woodruff